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Reebok Kinetic Fit 18K Sr. Shoulder Pads

Reebok Kinetic Fit 18K Sr. Shoulder Pads

Designed with professional equipment managers and build for NHL players. Improved coverage and consumer requested low-profile shape combines with next generation all foam JDP protection to provide the ultimate combination of fit and protection.

  • CONSTRUCTION Low-profile with improved coverage to provide outstanding protection.
  • CAPS Low-profile JDP with molded PE caps for excellent protection.
  • LINER Molded and vented air channels with comfort liner for cool comfort.
  • BICEPS PE inserts with 2-piece floating, 2-piece adjustable and 1-piece removable for custom comfort fit.
  • TORSO Removable protection at belly, molded HD floating foam with PE inserts at sternum, kidney, ribs and spine.
  • SHOULDERS Hinged molded PE foam is lightweight, comfortable and highly protective
Reebok Kinetic Fit 18K Sr. Shoulder Pads
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