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CCM RBZ 130 Grip Hockey Stick - 85 Flex

CCM RBZ 130 Grip Composite Hockey Stick - 85 Flex

For the first time ever, CCM is bringing the TaylorMade Speed Pocket technology to the revolutionary line of RBZ sticks. The unique speed pocket technology inside the RBZ Superfast blade creates a wider speed channel providing 50% more C.O.R then the RBZ Stage 2 for the fastest shot CCM sticks has ever provided

  • POWER SWING Very low swing weight, A lower weight and better distrubition throughout the sick gives the player a faster swing speed.
  • CUSTOM KICK POINT The stick reacts based on the position of the player's bottom hand so it is perfect for any type of shot
  • Blade Speed Blade 2 with freak channels more C.O.R (Coefficent of restitution) than the competitions' top end products
  • Weight 490grams
CCM RBZ 130 Grip Hockey Stick - 85 Flex
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