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CCM Ultra TACKS Skate - Senior

CCM ULTRA TACKS Skate - Senior

Five years in the making, CCM introduces the innovative Super Tacks skates engineered through leading hockey biomechanics research and state-of-the-art construction technology. Featuring MonoFrame 360 technology, Super Tacks are a one-piece boot frame providing a
fully anatomical heel-lock with a 360° fit around and under the foot – a fit that is molded to the player’s DNA. The Super Tacks construction eliminates the need for an outsole, providing greater foot-to-skate contact area and an unprecedented direct force propulsion system to help generate maximum power.
  • Quarter Package: ATTACKFRAME 2 CARBON COMPOSITE Pro designed carbon composite boot frame shaped and
    molded to the prototypical player’s foot, helping them generate extreme skating power.
  • Fit: MOLDED FIT Provides players with a high definition heel lock shape and wrapped forefoot for an optimized connection
    between the player’s foot and the skate.
  • Core: HEAT-MOLDABLE T-FORM CORE Super lightweight, rigid and thermo-formable core generating ultimate performance.
  • Liner: TOTALDRI LINER WITH DURAZONE ABRASION PATCH High performance moisture-wicking material keeps feet dry and skates light and abrasion patch offers high resistance to wear and tear.
  • Comfot Pads: SMOOTH CONTOUR PRO Dense pad around collar of the boot for superior foot and ankle comfort.
  • Ankle Padding: MULTI-DENSITY MEMORY FOAM Asymmetrical foam comfort pads wrap anatomically around player’s foot for customized fit and comfort.
  • Tongue: TRITECH PRO FELT TONGUE WITH INJECTED LACE-BITE PROTECTION Three-layered, 7mm felt with HDPE foam and injected lace-bite prevention zone for increased comfort and protection.
  • Midsole: LIGHTWEIGHT COMPOSITE MIDSOLE Enhanced energy transfer platform for blade to boot interface.
  • Outsole: EXTRA STIFF CARBON COMPOSITE WITH EXHAUST SYSTEM Increased torsional rigidity to maximize energy transfer
    and air vent to keep feet dry and skates light.
  • Footbed: AIR SYSTEM FOOTBED Lightweight comfort footbed with aeration vents, providing excellent foot-to-skate contact and comfort.
  • Holder: SPEEDBLADE 4.0 Proven durability with increased attack angle providing greater strides and cornering.
  • Runner: SPEEDBLADE BLACK High performance blade with oxide treatment for a longer edge life and a greater resistance to corrosion.
CCM Ultra TACKS Skate - Senior
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