Bauer Supreme ONE.8 Sr. Hockey Glove - 14"

Bauer Supreme ONE.8 Senior Hockey Glove - 14"

ANATOMICAL FIT: Engineered from the inside out, specialized material placement provides the player with a comfortable, natural fit that is close to the hand.

  • Foams âÂ?Â? Dual density foams
  • Inserts âÂ?Â? Poly inserts
  • Thumb âÂ?Â? Patented 2-piece Free Flex lock thum
  • Shell âÂ?Â? Stretchable and breathable pro nylons
  • Overall Fit âÂ?Â? Anatomical
  • Fingers âÂ?Â? 3-piece construction
  • Palm âÂ?Â? Ivory nash with gecko nash overlay
  • Back roll âÂ?Â? Multi Segmented design
  • Cuff âÂ?Â? Pro multi segmented cuff with flex notch
  • Liner âÂ?Â? THERMO MAX
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