Vaughn VPLT60 Ventus Jr. Chest & Arm Protector

Vaughn VPLT60 Ventus Junior Chest & Arm Protector

The Ventus LT60 junior arm and chest protector is designed to work with the natural movements of the goaltenders body to optimize flexibility while providing superior protection and maximum net coverage for the upper body. New style extra-large shoulder floaters with a wide profile to increase blocking surface area and to provide greater impact dispersal.

  • Fully molded forearm and bicep caps
  • Large wide shoulder floaters
  • Extra side rib cage guard
  • Side chest pad extension padding
  • Lower chest pad flex extension flap
  • Adjustable back padding
  • Large reinforced sternum plate - Empire Outlet All sales on outlet items are final. We will not accept any returns or exchanges on any of these items.

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