Reebok 14K Pump Jr. Goalie Skate

Reebok 14K Pump Junior Goalie Skates

Reebok new line of goal skates incorporates pro line craftsmanship. Its new Dynamic Support System incorporated into the goal skate boot, solidifies the skate and brings increased support while enhancing the heel lock with the unique Pump technology.

  • THE PUMP® Customizes the comfort fit by filling natural gaps around the ankles to maximize power transfer from foot to ice.
  • QUARTER PACKAGE Max Armour™ V provides support and durability
  • LINER Quick drying dual zone with heavy-duty microfiber that promotes excellent fit and superb comfort.
  • COWLING The Reebok Customlite cowling features lightweight pro-profile moisture exhaust vents, butterfly toe shield, trilites and a replaceable steel runner that holds a longer edge.
Suggested Price:
$279.99 Price