CCM RBZ 100 Stage 2 Grip Sr. Hockey Stick 85 Flex

CCM RBZ 100 Stage 2 Senior Grip Composite Hockey Stick - 85 Flex

Last year we gave the best players in the world the revolutionary RBZ stick featuring Speed Channels for insane velocity. This year we're giving them the all new RBZ Stage 2 with Freak Channels for a freakishly fast shot. The all new Speedblade 2 featuring FREAK CHANNELS that provide 20% more C.O.R then the original RBZ to help maximize puck speed. Something will make you Freakishly Fast. The NEW RBZ2.

  • POWER SWING Fine tuned weight & flex distribution provide a faster swing for more puck speed.
  • CUSTOM KICK POINT All new constant stiffness shaft profile provides a precise & customized kick-point for optimal loading.
  • SPEEDBLADE 2 Revolutionary construction with freak channels helps provide a hot face for insane velocity.
  • Using some of the same principles that power the TaylorMade Rocketballz, the CCM RBZ2 features a revolutionary new design that completely eliminates foam from inside the blade. Foam absorbs some of the energy from the puck reducing its velocity. With the patent pending SpeedBlade Technology the foam is replaced by four speed channels engineered to increase the coefficient of restitution providing insane velocity without sacrificing any control or durability.
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