Bauer Supreme TotalONE MX3 Ice Hockey Skates

Bauer Supreme TotalONE MX3 Ice Hockey Skates - Senior

Anatomically correct Curv® composite upper and insole provide a more comfortable fit and more responsive skate. Through anatomical
thermoforming, the skate is heated so it can be formed around the ankle and heel, giving a true 360 custom fit for any foot shape. The FREE-FLEX TENDON GUARD is designed to allow players the maximum amount of range of motion for their skating style. Maximum range of motion enhances stride power and overall efficiency.

Upper Features

  • Quarter Package 3D Anaformable CurveĀ® composite
  • Lining Material HYDRA MAX 2 with integrated wear-pads
  • Ankle Padding Lightweight Anaform foam ankle pads
  • Tongue Construction Customizable 3-FLEX tongue with improved side protection
  • Footbed FORM-FIT+ with stabilizer grip, CurveĀ® composite inserts with ERGOTOE protection
  • Thermoformable Full upper
Lower Features
  • Outsole Ultra lightweight vented composite
  • Runner TUUK LS Fusion Runner
  • Manufacture recommends 1 size smaller than your shoe size
Suggested Price:
$849.99 Price