Reebok Premier X28 Goalie Pads - Int.

Reebok Premier X28 Goalie Pads - Intermediate

  • Outter Flex: No Break Maximize Coverage
  • Inner Flex: Precurved Single Break Core Closes the 5 hole
  • Leg/Boot Channel: Shallow Soft Freedom of movement
  • Inner Leg Channel: Loose Fit 2 Calf Straps Outer pad seals tight to the post
  • Leg Strap System: Adjustable Customize fit
  • Knee Cradle: Soft foam Comfort
  • Core: High Density/Low Density foam Balanced weight
  • Knee Raiser: EPE foam Seals pad to the ice
  • Thigh Protector: Legal Thigh Protector Knee Protection
Suggested Price:
$999.99 Price