STX Stallion 500 Hockey Stick - 85 Flex

STX Stallion 500 Composite Hockey Stick - 85 Flex

  • Shot Profile: Power Flex Flex
  • The constant flex profile of the Stallion allows you to fully maximize your energy transfer to the puck.
  • The stick loads energy as you crank up the power to hammer home one-timers and heavy slap shots.
  • Balance Point:
  • STX sticks have the highest balance point in the market. By engineering the stick to have the balance point as far as possible up the shaft, we've created a better feeling hockey stick, without sacrificing weight or durability.
  • Blade Construction:
  • A stiffer blade results in more power transfer to your shots.
  • The Stallion blade, with dual rib technology. is engineered with increase stiffness to maximize velocity, giving your game a major power boost.
  • Dual rib blade design with precision stiffness
  • Right or Left?:
  • When the player is holding the stick, whichever hand is at the bottom of the shaft will determine right or left.
Suggested Price:
$299.99 Price