Vaughn VPG 1000 Velocity V6 Goalie Pads - Int

Vaughn VPG 1000 Velocity V6 Goalie Pads - Int.

All new for 2014 the Velocity 1000 goal pad. The design features a full flat front surface with a one piece solid outside roll to give the pad a solid firm shape. The pad is constructed around an internal foam core that is constructed with multiple density and thicknesses of foam in a precise arrangement to give the pad a very solid frontal blocking surface and firm perimeter edges for more effective blocking area.

  • Wide knee cradle
  • Large leg cradle with sling support system for weight distribution
  • Firm inner pad edge for improved Five-Hole coverage and seal to the ice
  • Wide inner edge and landing pad are for superior balance
  • New V6 graphics give a visual taller pad appearence
  • Over squared top thigh rise
  • Plus 2 thigh rise sizing
Suggested Price:
$799.99 Price