Vaughn T1000 Velocity V6 Goalie Glove - Int

Vaughn T1000 Velocity V6 Goalie Glove - Int.

The New Velocity T1000 catch glove features an advanced anatomical design to increase the performance through superior control, balance, fit and feel. The shape of the glove is designed to provide superior catching power with precision molded curved palm and thumb components that define the shape of the glove and align the flex area of the palm precisely with the natural closure movement of the hand.

  • Heat moldable for custom fit and fast break in
  • Four piece full flex back hand protection
  • Inner finger grip rail for closing leverage
  • Reinforced perimeter edge
  • Defined flex seam for precision closing
  • Deep T-web design
  • No binding cuff adds blocking surface
  • Light weight and balanced for feel and performance
Suggested Price:
$239.99 Price