M1505 Jr. Hockey Helmet

  • Mission Jr. Hockey Helmet With Cage 
  • M15 helmet and ITECH RBE III features and benefits combined
  • Face protector comes completely assembled to helmet 
  • Helmet Colors: Black
  • Wire color: Black
  • Sizes: XS - (6-3/8 - 6-7/8) 
  • Open helmet to its last setting and position on the head so the rim is one finger width above the eyebrow.
  • Gradually begin to downsize the helmet until a comfortable, snug fit is achieved.
  • MISSION recommends the use of a mouth guard.
  • It is recommended that players wear CSA, HECC and CE certified helmets. CSA, HECC and CE certified helmets have a sticker affixed to the helmet indicating their certification.
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