Warrior Messiah Sr. Goalie Pant

  • Warrior Messiah Sr. Goalie Pant
  • Features:
  • Pro-level protection and specs in a lightweight package 
  •  Angled inseam inner leg-blocks join to eliminate five-hole gap
  • Adjustable locking high-impact belt
  • Antimicrobial Silver Shield liner wicks moisture
  • Corrosion-resistant suspender attachments
  • Floating hip panel protects gaps for key area coverage
  • Pant features multi-laminated high-density and low-density foams fused to ribbed plastic
  • Six-pack tongue for mid-body/belly protection without gap
  • Rear thigh circular opening allows pant to sit flat while in crouch position
  • Durable 420-denier nylon shell
  • Spinetek lower back protection features a molded ribbed plastic insert
  • Stretch panels in upper areas and crotch increase crouch to butterfly movement
  • Made in Canada

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