Green Biscuit

  • Green Biscuit - The Ultimate Off-Ice Training Puck
  • The Green Biscuit is an off-ice training hockey puck that will help you and your team develop better stick handling and passing skills that will blow your competition away.
  • The Biscuit weighs about an ounce less than an official hockey puck but with the added friction from the concrete or asphalt it acts just like the real thing does on ice.
  • The Green Biscuit is not designed for shooting.
  • It’s a stick handling and passing puck.
  • Your surface doesn't have to be anywhere near perfect for the green
    biscuit, but the better the surface, the better the performance.
  • Practice your stick handling and passing with the Green Biscuit and watch your team win more games.
  • GB will slide effortlessly on virtually any hard surface. (driveways, streets)
    • GB makes off ice training convenient, it’s free, and its fun.
    • GB feels and acts like a real puck.
    • GB slides further and smoother than any other dryland training puck.
    • GB gets Dad and Mom involved.
  • Now you can pass the biscuit with him/her.
  • Suggested Price:
    $19.99 Price