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Proper Fit for Ice Hockey Skates? - Fitting Guide

Proper Fit for Ice Hockey Skates?

Skates are an extremely important aspect of the game in terms of player performance. If a skate is not properly sized or is uncomfortable, it is more likely the player will experience blisters, damage the boot support, or even worse: start to dislike playing the game. To avoid that, this is what you need to know to correctly size your skates.

It is crucial that you have skates with good stability and strong ankle support. A solid exterior is vital to protecting your feet from the puck and other skates. Typically, you want a skate that is 1 to 1 ½ size smaller than your shoe size.

When trying on a skate, wear socks similar to ones that you will wear while skating. After putting on the skate, press your foot forward as far as possible so that your toes press against the front of the skate. For kid’s sizes, you should be able to place one finger between the inside of the boot and the heel of your foot. This is simply to allow some room for growth. (Adult skates are made to mold to the foot so this extra space is not necessary.) After that, sit down and kick your heel firmly into the back of the boot; your big toe should barely brush the toe cap. Firmly tighten the laces through the first 2-3 eyelets until the skate is snug near the toe. Remember to keep your foot placed flat on the ground while lacing the skate.